HI everyone, i  took the taxi to drop my girl off to kindy, and now here i am. I am a feeling a bit crazy about things at the moment, with pre-release for my book started two days ago and having my daughter home since last Friday being a bit naughty and crazy, and then trying to do a healthy eating plan and then having to try and continually get my head around social media – ARRRGGH!!!! take a breath……. little steps. And as my mentor says, its ‘lifetime learning’.

I love this time. listening to the pups on the couch snoring and stretching, my fav morning show is on and just time to get things done. so apart from doing a few book things i think i need a rest!!

I don’t really feel like an author yet, its still feeling a bit surreal. maybe when i get to my first Expo. But even then, I’m not sure. maybe i won’t feel much until my books really start selling. i feel sometimes overwhelmed about the whole process, but I’ve got to keep plugging away and keep learning as i go every day. And fight for positivity!


A Disability? No worries!!!

I don’t think of my disability when i am trying to pick up toys off the floor or clean the messes on the coffee table from breakfast, or when I’m trying to stop my pups from licking yoghurt from my daughters bowl….or face!! I DO think of it when i can’t walk straight from sitting down because of my knee or when my balance stops me from getting ANYWHERE quickly.

I know my disability is part of my story and its going to inevitably be looked at as i start on any endeavours I think as i grow up i am creating a different identity than the one that is forced on us as a child with a disability. I now see myself more as a wife and a mother. I will always be reminded here and there of the things that i can’t do but i want my legacy to say i focused on the things i can.

Someone came up to me in a park once and said “you know, i can heal you”, and regardless whether i believed her or not, i said ‘no, I’m happy, God made me this way, i believe, to keep me grateful”. maybe, grateful for the things I CAN do. writing has always been something i can do and now I’m only just trying something series with it, better late than never I suppose.